Abundance Affirmation

By Sandy Forster

The following affirmation, taken from my bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST is not only a powerful way to attract more abundance into your life, it’s also a lot of fun! Don’t just say the words; feel them. Feel the wealth, feel the energy, feel that love flowing to you in the form of money; feel it coming directly from the Universe. Those feelings are what will make your words magnetic and attract your desire back to you. And make sure you include your physical body as well, use your arms!

Call Prosperity to You

As you say “I call…” stretch your arms out wide and high, palms to the heavens, fingers outstretched as if you are reaching for something, (which you are!). As you call the Prosperity to you (when you say, “Come to me now”) actually physically grab onto it with your hands (I should say metaphysically grab it, because you can’t yet see it on the physical plane, but it IS there!) and pull it in toward your solar plexus – the area above your navel. The solar plexus is recognised as the power centre of the body. You want more money in your life? Then make sure you activate this area as you say this affirmation. Then at the very end, when you affirm, “And I love it”, fling your arms high and wide with outstretched hands and create a funnel for the Universe to pour an ever increasing flow of abundance starting at your fingertips, down to your heart and through your entire being so you are overflowing with Prosperity!

Say this affirmation slowly; say it fast; whisper it softly or shout it out to the Universe – but fill it with emotion and feeling and it will do amazing things for you!

You can listen here:

to an audio of The Abundance Affirmation and say it with me here.

Remember to fill your words, your body, your heart and your spirit with emotion…

Abundance Affirmation

I am unlimited
I now consciously and subconsciously flood every atom of my body, mind and spirit with Prosperity Consciousness.
I bless everyone in the Universe to have Abundance and Prosperity.
I give myself permission to deserve and expect Abundance and Prosperity.
I call Abundance and Prosperity from the four corners of the earth and throughout the Universe.
Prosperity in the north, south, east and west – come to me now!
Abundance in the north, south, east and west – come to me now!
Money in the north, south, east and west – come to me now!
Riches in the north, south, east and west – come to me now!
Wealth in the north, south, east and west – come to me now!
And so it is – and I love it!

This affirmation has so much power; it unleashes a force that the Universe simply cannot ignore! You will feel energized, alive and magnetic to prosperity. You will be able to feel that money is winging its way to you immediately! Don’t be shy with this affirmation – make sure the Universe hears you loud and clear!

I remember sitting in my bedroom chanting these words, and in the distance, I could hear a little voice from my son’s bedroom as he was playing with his Action Man (he was nine at the time) chanting those same words. I must have said it so often that he knew the words by heart!

I love the story about Sequoia, a 2½ year girl who was at the beach with her parents asking (more like nagging!) for an ice-cream. They said no, but she kept asking, however the answer was still no. So Sequoia decided to enlist the help of the Universe and started affirming to anyone who could hear “Ice-cream, come to me now!” (she’d heard her parents repeat the Abundance Affirmation so many times she knew what to say). The next day down at that same beach right the ice-cream van pulled up right in front of them and she turned to her parents and said “See, it works!” So of course her parents bought her an ice-cream – they definitely wanted to anchor that powerful association for her.  Now if a 2½ year old can manifest – there’s nothing stopping you!

Magical Places for Your Affirmation

There are some particularly great times and places that I love to use this affirmation. I live on a part of Australia’s beautiful coastline that has a huge headland jutting out of the ocean. It’s a magical place where the powerful ocean rolls in day after day and standing there looking at the horizon you feel ‘at one’ with the Universe. I love to go there when there is a full moon. As the huge orange ball rises out of the ocean, I begin my affirmation.

Other powerful times are under the stars at night, lying on a beach, being deep in a forest or sitting on a mountain. You know, it really doesn’t matter where you use the Abundance Affirmation, because it is strong, powerful and sends out a very clear order to the Universe for more money NOW! It ignites something deep within your soul that causes you to immediately become more magnetic to prosperity, wealth, abundance and riches!

Excerpt taken from Sandy Forster’s bestselling How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST


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