Are You Making this Law of Attraction Mistake?

By Sandy Forster

Embracing the Law of Attraction is the first step toward receiving abundance and achieving your definition of success. While it may be quite simple to understand what this law is and how it works, many people still struggle with the Law of Attraction and creating, attracting and manifesting prosperity.

In fact, if you’re struggling then you may be making the most common, and most significant, mistake, and if you make this mistake, you absolutely won’t get what you want from the Universe… You’re not trusting the Universe will follow through.

Trust the Universe

Let me share with you an example of a client of mine, Alex, who was in debt and wanted to pay it off completely. She wanted to be debt free so badly that it consumed just about every waking minute of her day.

I created some affirmations for her, and she repeated them daily. She visualized herself debt free and wrote in her journal about how blissful it was to be debt free as she imagined she’d already achieved her goal. She also took action and her intentions matched her visualizations.

But the mistake she made was that Alex also sweated every bill she received in the mail. She groaned when she opened her paycheck and went to bed at night wondering how she was going to make ends meet.

Align Your Intentions and Actions

So while Alex was clear on her intentions and her actions, her thoughts were contradicting her because she just didn’t have enough faith in the Law of Attraction. Alex was unable to let go and trust that if her intentions, thoughts, and actions were aligned, the Universe would take care of the details.

Alex held on so tightly to her fears that she continued to manifest lack and debt until she accepted and embraced and believed in the power of the Universe. Once she allowed herself to believe the prosperity would come and that she would be taken care of, then that invisible force field that was keeping her abundance away began to dissolve. Then, and only then was the financial freedom she desired able to flow to her.

Are you holding on too tightly?

There are signs you’re making the same mistake Alex made. Do you spend time thinking about how you’re going to receive abundance, trying to future out all the steps you have to take? Yes, You want to take time to get clear on your goals and what possible actions you can take to create the prosperity you desire, but at the same time simply trust that it will happen.

Align your intentions with your thoughts and trust yourself and the Universe to provide the how. You’ll recognize it when you see it. Start small if you’re struggling with this practice. Strive to attract something that you know you can achieve.

For example, you might begin by focusing on manifesting a bunch of flowers or a free cup of coffee. Practice visualizing it, setting the intention to receive it and then letting it go and trusting that you will receive. When you do, acknowledge the gift and begin taking bigger steps towards your goal of abundance.

When you begin to manifest even the smallest thing, you’ll find it builds your belief and your trust in the Universe, which then allows you to attract even more. So start small so you can finish big!


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