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Sandy Forster   

Australia's Leading Prosperity Coach
over 5 million people in over 108 countries have seen, read or heard her coaching advice.

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  • Do you long for unlimited Prosperity?
  • Does your soul yearn for Financial Freedom?
  • Are you ready to experience abundance, happiness,  prosperity and success?

Then stop dreaming, and learn how to start living the life of your dreams - TODAY!  

It's possible to experience the Prosperity you desire when you discover the easy, fun and effortless way to attract abundance, wealth, happiness and success into your life. You will learn how to create wealth AND achieve a wonderful balance in your body, mind and spirit... 

I am dedicated to assisting YOU to increase the prosperity in your life by tapping into that limitless flow of abundance that is available to us all.  Discover how to call upon the magical power of Spirit and be supported through guided visualizations and meditations which allow you to attract the prosperity and abundance you desire.

I look forward to guiding you to create a life of joy, abundance, laughter and prosperity through the many articles, audios, tele-seminars etc,  that I offer as well as my International Bestselling book ...


How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST
A Powerful Step-by-step Guide to Attract
Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life TODAY!

This bestselling book is ideal for women (and enlightened men), and inside its pages you will learn simple but powerful secrets that show you exactly how to create your dream of unlimited prosperity starting today!  How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST shows you the easy and fun way to embrace the Law of Attraction (made massively popular through The Secret) specifically to create prosperity, abundance and success. In this extraordinary book, you will discover...

  • The power of focused attention - how to draw more prosperity to you through an exercise that takes LESS than a minute a day!
  • The ONE thing you may do every week that could be blocking your abundance
  • How to quadruple the speed with which you draw money to you
  • How to free up the ENERGY you hold around money, so more flows to you
  • How the power of visualization and meditation can bring you the abundance you desire
  • A 3 minute exercise you can do at the end of each day which will make you more magnetic to ALL good things in your life
  • How to turn yourself into a Money Magnet - easy strategies you can use daily!
  • The 10 second Money Miracle
  • and much, much more!
  "A fabulous mixture of spiritual tools and practical ideas for increasing money flow now. Highly recommended!"

Neale Donald Walsch
#1 Bestselling Author, Conversations with God

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How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST has reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world and translated into 10 languages. In this powerful book International speaker, author and renowned Prosperity Mentor Sandy Forster shows you the exact steps she used to turn her own life around.  Using these same techniques, she went from a single mum with $100,000 of debt and enormous money struggles, to being a Wildly Wealthy Woman!

She will share with you age-old secrets that she used to attract many successes in her life, including creating over 1.2 million dollars in less than a year. Sandy's expertise in the Law of Attraction is know around the world - she was even invited by Rhonda Byrne to be filmed for The Secret (Sandy doesn't appear in the first DVD - however may appear in the future editions!). These tips, secrets and strategies don't require anything but the power of your mind, your heart and your soul - you too can apply these tips to see immediate results in YOUR life! 

People have used the principles Sandy shares in her book to attract:

  • their dream home
  • a new car
  • the perfect business
  • large amounts of money
  • the ideal job
  • an overseas tropical holiday
  • a lifestyle they LOVE

Whatever your heart desires, you CAN learn how attract it into your life just like others have - FAST!

ORDER your copy NOW!

"Sandy will accelerate your thinking and your bank accounts.  I like her and her inspiring and insightful money magnetizing book"
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®  Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

You will learn...

  • Discover your hidden dollars - find money where you didn't even KNOW there was any!
  • Why you should integrate metaphysical principles to manifest the money, with practical steps to keep that money and make it grow.
  • How the Universe wants you to act so it can bring you Wealth
  • Learn the steps that took me from an idea to creating multi-millions in a mbusiness in a matter of months.
  • Discover how to attract MORE wealth, abundance, riches, money and prosperity into your world, easily and effortlessly - and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
"If you want a book that will change your financial destiny forever - THIS IS IT! This is a compelling read that offers you the philosophy and practical tools to begin creating and experiencing prosperity in a rapid time frame"
Melissa Scott, Australia's Extreme Breakthru Coach

Should YOU read How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast?

Yes - if you feel ready to break through to total Abundance

As you read How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, you will learn age old secrets and proven strategies to attract wealth, and prosperity into your life.  By the end of this book you will discover an abundance of tips, tools, exercises, inspiration and knowledge that will help you to experience Prosperity much sooner than you ever dreamed possible. How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST holds the key to YOUR abundance.  Start reading this life-changing book today and your life will be transformed forever!


so you too can achieve the Success, Abundance and Prosperity YOU deserve!



"Sandy Forster's book is ESSENTIAL reading for any woman looking to finally allow in true wealth. I first read this book when I was in the most confronting stage of my business - nothing seemed to be working and I was slowly draining away my last reserves while also seeing my debt sky-rocket to 100k and beyond.

Every day, for months on end, I got up and read 1-2 chapters of Sandy's book. Journalled on it. Held it to my heart. And then held my chin up and did the work I knew I had to do even though fear constantly tried to pull me back down and I was at times close to screaming in frustration. It would not be an exaggeration to say this book saved me.

I read it cover to cover 4-5x over during that period, continued to read it as the shifts finally came, continued to read it as I watched my scary money situation turn into me now running a 7-figure business doing what I love, and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll continue reading it at least once a year. No matter how much you've already learned or know about the law of attraction and creating your own reality you MUST read this book.”

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