The Key to Your Abundance

By Sandy Forster

Many people understand the power of gratitude, and a simple strategy which I absolutely love is a ‘Gratitude Day’.

Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I’d like you to think about this for a moment….right now around the world there are billions of people who, if they could change places with you for just one day, they would be living a life so far beyond their wildest dreams that they couldn’t even begin to imagine it.

That’s so true. That is exactly how it is. Too often we take for granted how our life is. Oh I’ve got a bill come in the mail and oh my wife had an argument with me or my kids are playing up and not eating their vegetables. Guess what? There are kids that have barely any food to eat, let alone vegetables. There are people who don’t have anyone special in their life. There are people who don’t have a house t live in. “Oh my house is a mess,” well people don’t even have a house, let alone a house to mess up.

Spend time in Gratitude

So it’s important to stop and take stock of what we really have in our life and spend some time in gratitude for all our blessings. And the way that I’ve done this in the past is really cool.

Basically, it’s about being grateful for everything. So even before you open your eyes, it’s waking up and going, “Oh I am so grateful that I have a bed to sleep in and that I have blankets over me and I’ve got a pillow and clean p.j’s. I am so grateful.” And you open your eyes and, “Oh I am so grateful that I have a bedroom to sleep in and a bed and a lovely mattress,” and you get out of bed and, “I’m so grateful that I have lovely clean floor coverings,” and you walk into your bathroom and, “I’m so grateful that I have running water and a bathroom that I can go too.” You might get dressed, “I’m so grateful that I have clothes to choose from and a washing machine to clean them all. I’m so grateful that I have hot water and I can clean myself every day.” And it’s simply a matter of every single thing that happens to you, everything  you experience that day,  be grateful for it.

Get High

Do you ever even acknowledge how much your car means to you until it breaks down? It’s like you don’t even acknowledge it until it’s not there. Or your phone, you’re able to connect with anyone you want just by phoning, you’re able to turn on your computer and connect with people all around the world and find out all this information but we just take it for granted. You need to actually take the time, especially through your own Gratitude Day to really acknowledge everything. And you will be on such a high at the end of the day, it is incredible.

Just choose your own day and get out there and really focus on every thing that’s happening and be grateful for it. And when I say be grateful for it, I don’t just mean in your head I mean in your heart. I want you to really connect to it and flood your body with those feelings of gratitude. Feel how fabulous it is to actually be able to get into a vehicle that starts and actually takes you to where you want to go. You drive there; you don’t have to walk there. And if it’s raining you drive and keep dry, how wonderful is that. Or you want to connect with someone, you want to phone your mother or your best friend, or your beloved you just dial a couple of numbers and through the magic of technology you’re able to speak with them without actually having to go there. How fabulous is that? You’re at home and it is dark and you can flick a switch and a light comes on and you can read or do whatever you want. How lucky is that?

So take some time to be grateful for every single thing that happens on your gratitude day. It’s a really magical way to really transform your world.



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