The Secret to Having MORE of What You Desire

By Sandy Forster

If you’re like most people, you probably have clothes hanging in your wardrobe that have been there for years waiting for you to lose those few extra kilos so you can fit back into them; or you’ve got boxes of children’s toys that don’t get used anymore; or maybe you’ve got kitchen appliances that have never been taken out of the box, or a garage full of so many items you don’t even remember what’s there – but you want to keep them, just in case you may want to use them again one day.

Often we’re too scared to let go of the old, because we don’t know when we will have the money to get the new or to get more. Let me tell you a little secret. The Universe abhors a vacuum. If you take the time to get rid of the old, it frees up energy; it allows the Universe to bring more into your life, in all sorts of unexpected ways.

The first thing you can do to make way for the new is have a garage or yard sale. Go through your house, room by room and cupboard by cupboard and take EVERYTHING you have not used, worn, played with or read for the last year and SELL IT. It doesn’t matter how worn or old the item is, remember, your trash is someone else’s treasure!

When you’ve had your sale – put ALL that money into a special savings account or pay off debts. That’s right, it’s not spend, it’s to show the Universe you can do it! You CAN save and you ARE serious about creating wealth in your life. You DO want to be rich. You ARE ready for prosperity.

By selling off your excess items, you’ve achieved two steps in one – made space for the new AND you now have extra money to put into your bank account! If you’re really not into having a sale, you could donate to those less fortunate. Remember, for every item that you don’t want or have sitting around not being used, there are probably thousands of people who would love to own or use it.

Moving house is a great time to put this into practice. Be ruthless and get your kids involved. I remember when I was making a very good income and living in a beautiful house on the water.

Alas, I was still learning my lessons around money and the business I had created (selling personal development courses) came crashing down – there was a dispute with the printer that went on for almost nine months, during which time I didn’t have a product to sell, and consequently NO INCOME.

I had no choice but to move out of my beautiful house and rent something much cheaper in another area.

That Christmas things had been really tight and I remember looking at the few small presents scattered under the Christmas tree. I was giving my daughter hair clips (nothing fancy mind you, just those plain brown ones) and my son corn chips and salsa dip as presents – so we were really getting to the lowest of our low cash-flow times.

As we were packing everything up, I said to my children, “be ruthless; if you don’t use it all the time, give it to the poor children”. Looking back, I realise at the time – they were the poor children! Yes, from the outside things looked fine. They went to a private school their Dad paid for and they lived in a nice home – but they went without on a daily basis, year after year. There were years when my children never asked me for a weekly video or an ice-cream or a packet of chips when we were out. They didn’t ask if we could go to the movies, or to buy their lunch at school – because they already knew what my answer would be. It had to be no. If I did happen to lash out and buy my kids lunch at school, I remember my son being so overjoyed; he would be jumping around with happiness and smothering me with kisses!

When it came to getting rid of the old to make way for the new – I knew it was a strategy that worked – we were ruthless. I was too busy packing to think about selling anything, so I gave it all to charity. We threw out everything that we didn’t absolutely need and moved into our downgraded rental home. And sure enough, after months and months of no income whatsoever (except my welfare payment) the next week I made $9000, which seemed like a million dollars at the time. I was able to pay off a few old debts and keep us going for another month or so – taking me step by step towards being a Wildly Wealthy Woman!

I thoroughly recommend you take the time to de-clutter your home and get rid of all those things you don’t use. And I don’t just mean little things… You may have a jet ski, or boat, motorbike or caravan – something big that only gets used once a year. If you were to sell off that item and invest the money into something that created a stream of income, you could end up becoming totally financially free YEARS earlier and be able to purchase as many of those items as you want. You could be in a position to buy the latest and the greatest, even a new one each year, without it being any financial burden at all. You may have to show the Universe just how committed you are to creating long-term financial freedom, by shuffling things around in your life right now.

Also, it is a really good idea to simply de-clutter your home. By that I mean, go through every room and throw out the rubbish that is hiding in cupboards, drawers, shelves and boxes. Don’t think you have to do this in one day (particularly if you seem to accumulate at the rate that I do!) Just choose one room, and in that one room choose one cupboard, and in that one cupboard choose one drawer, and then thoroughly clear out anything that is not required. And the next day, move onto the next drawer, and on and on until you have completed that cupboard, and so on until you have completed that room. Then move onto the next room until you have de-cluttered your entire house.

Mind you, you may get on a roll and find you spend an entire weekend sorting and filing and throwing out things, as it is such an energiser when it’s all done. This exercise alone will allow you to free up so much stagnant and wasted energy in your life and you will begin to feel more in the flow, and when you’re in the flow, everything seems effortless. When you’re in the flow, you begin to attract your desires to you much faster and with less effort. So start de-cluttering today!
Excerpt taken from my international bestseller “How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST”.



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