When it All Goes Wrong… Get Excited!

By Sandy Forster

Have you ever experienced everything going along ‘swimmingly’, when out of the blue the ‘mud hits the fan’? Why do these things happen when you’ve really been thinking wonderful thoughts, focusing on creating absolute masses of money in your life, visualizing, affirming, sending love out in all directions and generally doing the right thing? Two things you must remember. You are a creator; your thoughts are things. You send them out into the world and then attract back to you those that are most predominant.

Clear the Crap and Embrace Abundance

For many years prior to now, you may have been focusing on the lack in your life, day after day, for years. You may have some ‘backorders for lack’ to clear before you really embrace the avalanches of Abundance that you have now ordered. You are not yet an instant creator; you have a lag time between what you think, and when it arrives. Therefore, if you are experiencing some potholes in your road to riches, just keep focused on the future, your ideal future, and you will get there. Don’t ‘keep an eye on those potholes’ or you may have an even bigger crash!

Are you going Backwards?

The other thing to remember is, even though you may be really committed to everything you learn around the Law of Attraction, things may still seem go awry. You may be putting all the steps together and little by little, you are attracting more into your life when suddenly – BAM – it all appears to go wrong. You seem to be going backwards and things start going downhill fast. Don’t panic.

You are part of nature, you are made up of flesh and blood and cells and atoms. You are who you are not just on a surface level, but also on a cellular level. When you are putting all these processes into place, there may come a time when you feel very uncomfortable. The reason for this is you’re ‘giving birth’ to a new creation. You have to change who you are at a cellular level to become a new and improved you, so you can accept new and improved events, situations and people into your life.


This can be very confronting for many people and often it’s in this moment of moving out of your comfort zone that you actually surrender to the uncomfortable feelings and give up.

Let me give you an example:

You decide you are better than your current job, and so you apply for that fantastic opportunity at that great new company. You send in your resume, go for the interview and it all goes well and you think you have a good chance of getting the job. You get a phone call to say you have been shortlisted – can you come in on Thursday for a final interview?  Then suddenly, things start to go wrong. You begin to wonder if this new job is right for you, or whether you are right for it. You start to feel sick in the pit of your stomach. At the last minute your boss gives you a project that has to be finished by Thursday midday. You go home and feel as if you are getting a slight fever; maybe you’re getting a cold. Thursday comes and you are too sick to get out of bed, let alone finish your project and get to the interview. You even convince yourself that these ‘signs’ are proof that you should stay where you are. But what actually happened? I’ll tell you what happened – you were getting incredibly close to manifesting your desire – that’s it!

When things get Ugly

When something moves from the metaphysical or the ‘formless’ into the physical plane, it’s almost as if it has to cross some invisible barrier. When it hits that barrier, things start to change, things begin to transform, and things can get ugly, not always, but they can. It only means that it is all falling into place the way it should. The thing is, you can’t see the big picture – you don’t know what the Universe’s grand plan is. But remember, the Universe always wants bigger and better for you than you do for yourself.

But you focus on the here and now, you see things as they are and fall to pieces wondering, “Why me?”

Get Excited!

The Universe has listened to your request and heard your order. It knows what is best for you in the long run; it has its own ‘grand plan’. It has to re-arrange your life, so you can receive those things you ordered – but it could get a little messy (just like cleaning out that garage!) I have discovered a way to get the most out of my worst moments… Get Excited! That’s right; get excited. You must fully understand the following statement: the Universe loves you, adores you, wants nothing but good for you, and sometimes it looks like it’s getting worse, because it’s changing course to something so much better than you could ever dream of. When things go wrong, get excited, do a happy dance and try to imagine what miraculous thing is going to occur in your life. I have found a fairly equal correlation between how bad something seems and how good it ultimately turns out. That’s not to say you must always have a downer in your life before anything good happens. It’s just my own experience has often been, the worse a situation has looked, the more fantastic the outcome in the long run.

Pull Your Energy Up

That’s the time to get out your list of desires, spend some time visualizing your dreams, listen to an inspiring audio-program or dance to your favourite music CD; get a coach;  do whatever you can to pull your energy back up because what you want is on the way!

Get excited about what is going to happen, not what is currently happening! Don’t think about how bad things are; don’t tell your parents how tragic it is; don’t phone your friends to share the horrible news – because then you are focusing more on the bad, and you are actually pushing the good the Universe is trying to bring you, away. You are refusing the gift from God, and placing an order for more bad. It’s in those uncomfortable moments that you should close your eyes and fill your body with excitement – and know that something wonderful is making its way from the formless, unseen, metaphysical plane, into this physical plane. Just remind yourself that you have to have darkness for the stars to shine, and there has to be a storm for you to see the rainbow.

From now on, if things go wrong, fill your body with anticipation knowing that the Universe has something special in store for you! When the going gets rough for you, it is merely a confirmation that you are set to grow even richer, have even more wealth and live an increasingly abundant life. So get excited!


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