Words for Your Abundance

By Sandy Forster

When you have a dream, desire or goal, there are some simple but powerful steps you can take which allow the Universe to bring you your desire so much faster. A great visual tip is to print out some of your affirmations and place them around your house/work space where you can see them. I have a lot of fun creating affirmations with different fonts on the computer – I find really bright coloured paper and make the writing as big as will fi t on one sheet.

Let Your Subconscious Absorb your Desires

I often cut those printed affirmations out in different shapes if there is enough space around the words (maybe hearts or circles) and then place them where I know I will see them often. Stick these affirmations on your kitchen cupboards, bathroom mirror, bedroom walls, the dashboard of your car and near your computer – everywhere you spend time – and your subconscious mind will constantly be absorbing them, even when you’re busy doing other things.

I remember having an affirmation on my wall once that said something along the lines of, “I see a person drawn into my life immediately who will empower me to run my business with tremendous finesse. They are honest, ethical and we create synergy and success that attracts millions”.

After writing it and putting it up on my bedroom wall, I never really read it again. The thing is, every time I was in that room, my eyes were taking it all in. The result of simply writing this affirmation and having it there for my subconscious mind to continually absorb was amazing – as you’ll see a little later!

Use them for All areas of Life

And remember, you can write affirmations about any area of your life. Maybe you’d like to be a certain weight, or have a relationship with someone special. Maybe you want more balance in your life or better health. All this and more can be achieved through writing it down concisely and precisely and feeding that information on a consistent basis to your subconscious.

About 10 years ago when I decided that I had to show the Universe I was committed to making changes in my financial situation, and I would do ANYTHING (well, almost anything) to get out of my horrid money mess and make things better, I knew it was time to get a job.  Now this is not something I did lightly. I had not had a job for since my 20’s – that’s not because I’m some sort of lazy bum, it’s because I had always been a bit of an entrepreneur, always liked to do my own thing, always trying something new. I love the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want, work only when I feel like it, doing only what really inspires me.

The Thrill wore Off

So to go out and get a job seemed like a huge step down for me. The very fact that I went to work in the morning and stayed there all day until I was told I could leave was like being in jail – it was suffocating. But I found a casual position fairly quickly, running a men’s clothing outlet. It was really quiet with only a few customers all day, so I had plenty of time on my hands. It almost seemed too good to be true because it was so quiet I had time to read my inspiring books and write my goals, AND I still got paid. “Maybe a job isn’t such a bad thing after all”, I thought.

But by the second day the thrill had worn off; I felt like I was in a strait-jacket, but as much as I hated it, I really desperately needed the money, so I stayed. During this time I decided to once again write out my ideal… but this time I wrote about my ideal business:

  • One that allowed me to work from home, or elsewhere if I chose
  • One that had a great product with a huge profit margin
  • One that allowed me to choose my own hours and work part time
  • One that allowed me to travel overseas if I wanted
  • One that made me over $1000 a week (my confidence was a little shaky so my goals weren’t nearly as high as they could have been)
  • One that I really enjoyed

Funnily enough, once I’d written out that list the first thing that popped into my mind was Real Estate. So I thought to myself, “Although I don’t really like the idea of being a real estate agent, maybe I can make a lot of money out of it, get out of debt and then go onto other things”, so I did some research and sent away for a Real Estate Sales course that I could do by correspondence in my own time around my new job.

It was about this time that I received a phone call from my accountant who wanted to talk with me about ‘doing something together’. Coincidentally, (let me tell you here and now there are no coincidences; everything is meant to be!) it was a business marketing Real Estate Education, teaching people how to make money investing in Real Estate. The company was aligned with one of the world’s greatest investors and sounded very interesting.

Although my logical mind was saying, “Stay away, you said you’d never get into sales again – don’t do it!”– My heart was saying, “Yes, this feels good, this feels right, this will lead you places”. So I began that business with my new business partner and within weeks had to let my employer know that I simply couldn’t work any longer (I was making SO MUCH MONEY at my new business and it was school holidays and I really wanted to be home to be with my kids!)

Show the Universe You’re Serious

So my career as an employee lasted just over a month – but I guess that was just long enough for the Universe to see how serious I really was and start the flow of riches to me!

That new business was a lot of fun and I made a lot of money and learnt a lot about real estate investing, but ultimately it was a stepping stone for something even bigger and better than anything even I could have ever imagined! Through having that affirmation on my bedroom wall (the one I hardly read) I was able to attract someone into my life, and together we created a synergy that allowed us to build a business that empowered women around the world to create the life of their dreams. We developed a life changing mentoring program that allowed women to energise their body, empower their mind, enlighten their spirit, as well as expand their wealth.  And the best part was – my new business partner was not only a highly successful property investor, she was an Asset Protection and Taxation expert and an Accountant; she knew numbers inside out, so my mathematically challenged brain didn’t even have to think about that side of things!

I found my Life’s Purpose

After many successful years together we eventually went our own way, but that partnership allowed me to  do what I love to do – share my story, my secrets and my strategies with  women around the world to give them courage and hope and help them to dream bigger, desire grander, imagine more and go out there and achieve it. I found my life’s purpose and it is more than I could ever have imagined.

Even if you have no idea what you can do, or if you do know what it is and have no idea how to make it happen, don’t get caught up in the details. Remember, if the Universe can re-arrange the entire cosmos, it can shuffle a few things around in your world to make your dreams come true. Just be clear on what it is you want, and let the Universe take care of the details. My dream came true all from some simple words on my bedroom wall – and it can happen for you too!

Just be sure to place your Affirmations where you will see them constantly and allow the Universe to do it’s magic!


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